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Google nutrition, nutrient, vitamins/minerals….etc. and you’ll be inundated with information. Is it accurate? Well that all depends on the source. If you are looking for ACCURATE information then you are better going to reputable sources. If you google food documentaries you will also find a number of results, some are definitely better than others. Here are my reviews of food documentaries that I’ve seen. I’m sure there are a lot more but for now here you go.

1) Forks over knives – I actually found the documentary of extra interviews more interesting than the actual film although you do have to have an interest in the topics discussed (likely a little dry for some!).  It is absolutely biased towards veganism but rightly so. The recommendations by the doctors are supported 30+ years of research. Most interesting is the connection between dairy and prostate cancer. Plus, there’s the connection between early erectile difficulties and heart disease. Dr T Campbell also discusses how supplements can actually damage the body vs. heal. The best way to get the nutrients we need is by eating whole foods (not new news by any means but well put). Available on iTunes $4.99. See the trailer here.

2) Fresh – I have a hard time watching the cruelty of animals that occurs in industrialized farming but it’s a reality. This film takes a closer look at how mid-sized sustainable farms can be equally if not more productive as large industrial farms. There’s also the lack of animal cruelty and less impact on the environment etc. Available on iTunes $4.99. See the trailer here.

3) Food Inc. – I haven’t seen this movie for some time and from what I remember I was covering my eyes for a lot of it. I am very empathetic to animals and cannot under any circumstances see them treated poorly. This is a powerful film not for the faint of heart. Will open your eyes to how big corporations control the food supply. Available on iTunes for $4.99. View the trailer here.

4) Vegucated – Watch the journey of 3 meat eating New Yorkers try out veganism for a couple months. See the challenges and transformations that people undergo both mentally and physically. A low budget film but enjoyable. Available on Netflix Canada. See the trailer here.

5) Food matters – You need to get past the curly haired raw food advocate and the first 25% of the film to get to any substance.. I almost turned it off but thankfully I stayed committed. It turned out to be a very powerful movie that focusses on the inefficacies of the pharmaceutical industry and how nutrition should be the focus of all treatment, especially cancer. A few quotes, “Nutrition is the primary health prevention strategy”, “food can change your mood”, “you are everything you have ever done to yourself”, “the choices you make directly impact the rest of your life”, “stop being a patient” – take your life into your own hands. Available for $4.99 on iTunes. View the trailer here.

5) Corn King - Another low budget film that follows 2 friends as they grow an acre of corn. Informative if you aren’t familiar with the corn industry in the US. To sum it up in a kernel of corn – much of the corn produced by farmers is completely inedible. It’s been genetic modified to be used in animal feed as well as yield high sugar content that is used to manufacture corn by-products like dextrose, modified corn starches and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). I’m not a huge fan of Michael Pollan but he does say manage to say a few things that don’t rub me the wrong way as he’s managed to do in the past. Available on iTunes $4.99. See the trailer here.

6) Super Size Me - not exactly new on the scene but powerful none the less. I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t know about this film. Premise – a guy eats nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days and becomes sick and addicted to fat/sugar. See the trailer here.

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